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Parking Automation Systems Inc.

  • We work with Parking Operators, Developers, and Facility Managers to deliver real solutions to difficult parking capacity problems.
  • Our solutions are designed to drive revenue, reduce operating costs, and lower construction costs.
  • We leverage the use of valuable real estate, we create parking capacity where none existed, and we make projects successful that would be impossible otherwise.
  • Parking Automation Systems was founded on the principal that matching the right technology with fundamental even the toughest parking problems

Our Approach :
We assess each situation for its unique economics by probing details such as daily parking rates, capacity constraints, site parameters, traditional construction costs, and time-to-market.

Solution Design
Next, we enlist our world-class manufacturing and design partners to create an optimal solution for each situation.

Parking Automation Systems creates solutions from the best available technology in:

    • Mechanical Parking Lift Systems
    • Automated Parking Systems

Fixed-Price Delivery
We deliver each solution to our customers at a guaranteed fixed price, and support that solution with maintenance and service.

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